Websites are essential for businesses in the modern world

Open source tool specialist DRUD Tech is launching a new tool called ddev which is designed to do away with the complicated steps and disparate components of website development.

Using a simple interface, ddev manages many complex technologies, including industry standard components like MySQL, NGINX, and PHP, with the ability to extend to include Redis, Apache Solr, memcache, Varnish, and more. For experienced development teams this means ddev can eliminate unnecessary delays, errors, and inefficiencies common throughout the traditional development to deployment and hosting lifecycle.

It delivers consistency because by using ddev all resources perform the typical local environment management tasks in the same way and with the same outcome, resulting in a reduction in setup time, task switching, and reworking inefficiencies. The company reckons the time taken for developers to complete tasks can be reduced by as much as 20 percent, leading to cost savings and improved efficiency too.

“Web development teams are all-too-familiar with the hours lost due to slow setup, task-switching between projects, and lack of tooling consistency, whether it’s for a client website client or a project for an internal department,” says Rick Manelius, chief product officer at DRUD Tech. “Using DRUD Tech’s ddev, development teams can see an unmatched reduction in process and cost inefficiencies all while delivering a superior quality of work. ddev is a critical, must-have new solution for web development teams of all sizes to achieve nearly instant benefits through much more simplified and automated development processes.”

DRUD tech is releasing ddev as the first of several products in a suite of tools and services created to improve the end-to-end experience from web development to deployment and hosting. Developers can download ddev from today at GitHub.